5 Must-Read College Romance Novels You Need on Your Reading List

If you're a fan of college romance, then these 5 must-read novels are the perfect addition to your reading list.

If you’re a fan of the college romance sub-genre, you’re in for a treat. College romance novels are some of the most exciting and emotionally-charged reads out there, offering a perfect blend of coming-of-age stories and heart-melting romance. Whether you’re in college, have already graduated, or are just looking for a nostalgic read, these five must-read college romance novels will definitely make you fall in love all over again.



“Easy” by Tammara Webber

“Easy” by Tammara Webber is a New Adult romance novel that follows the story of Jacqueline, a college student who’s trying to move on from a breakup with her high school sweetheart. When she’s assaulted on campus, she finds solace in Lucas, a mysterious and handsome guy in her Economics class. As their relationship deepens, Jacqueline must confront her past and make difficult choices about her future. This novel is a perfect blend of romance and suspense, with a strong and relatable heroine that you won’t be able to forget.



“The Deal” by Elle Kennedy

“The Deal” by Elle Kennedy is the first book in the Off-Campus series, and it’s a must-read for any college romance fan. The novel follows the story of Hannah, a studious and no-nonsense student who agrees to tutor Garrett, a star hockey player who’s struggling to pass a class. As they spend more time together, Hannah and Garrett start to develop unexpected feelings for each other, but they both have secrets and pasts that threaten to tear them apart. This book is funny, sexy, and heartfelt, with a great cast of supporting characters that will leave you wanting more.



“Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell

“Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell is a unique and heartwarming college romance novel that will appeal to readers who love fanfiction and fandom culture. The novel follows the story of Cath, a shy and introverted college student who’s obsessed with a popular book series. When she starts writing fanfiction and falls for her roommate’s ex-boyfriend, Cath must navigate the complexities of first love and growing up. This novel is a great coming-of-age story that deals with themes of identity, family, and creativity, and it will leave you with a big smile on your face.



“The Ivy Years” series by Sarina Bowen

If you’re looking for a series to binge-read, look no further than “The Ivy Years” by Sarina Bowen. This series consists of six interconnected college romance novels, each with a different couple and a unique story to tell. From a hockey player falling for a figure skater to a single mom finding love with her son’s coach, these novels are filled with passion, drama, and heartwarming moments that will keep you hooked. Sarina Bowen is a master of the college romance genre, and “The Ivy Years” is a perfect example of her talent.



“Making Faces” by Amy Harmon

“Making Faces” by Amy Harmon is a standalone novel that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. The novel follows the story of Fern, a plain and quiet college student who’s in love with her childhood friend, Ambrose, a handsome and confident young man. When Ambrose enlists in the military and is injured in combat, Fern must confront her feelings and her faith, and learn what it truly means to love someone unconditionally. This novel is a poignant and beautifully-written love story that will leave you with tears.


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