Blye Donovan

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“Marked as Queen of Hearts

Can she stack the deck in her favor, or will this house of cards come tumbling down?

Tori Graham is an author with a story to write. The problem? She needs her ex’s expertise to make it believable. And he’s about as enthusiastic to be her consultant as she is to drum up their complicated history. Can she convince this jaded cop to help her without falling into his arms—again?

Rafe Alonso hung up his detective hat months ago, moving to Rolling Brook as the new police captain. What was supposed to be an easy gig becomes anything but when the case that haunts him follows him there, and his old flame shows up in town. Now, someone’s playing a deadly game, and Rafe’s only got half the cards. Nothing could prepare him for the hand he’s dealt because Tori might not be the only one who got away. With the stakes running high, can they bury the past for a second chance at love, or will the killer Rafe is after, destroy it once and for all?

Find out in this gripping, second-chance romance!”

What genres/tropes/themes do your books include?

I write contemporary romantic suspense with steamy small town feels. Usually starring alpha protectors and strong, often sassy, heroines. I love forced proximity and slow burn but there are a variety of tropes in my books, including second chance, grumpy sunshine, opposites attract, forbidden romance.

What is the steam level of your books?



I’d say my first couple books are “a little steamy” and the last few are more “HIGH steam”.

What's your favorite character you've ever written? What book of yours do they live in and why were they your favorite?

Rafe is my favorite character. He’s the hero of Marked as Queen of Hearts. I love how much he loves the heroine and how possessive he is of her. Plus he speaks Italian. . . need I say more? 😉

Books by Blye Donovan


Marked as Queen of Hearts: Rolling Brook Book Five (Rolling Brook Series 5)


Hunted at Whiteford Farm: Rolling Brook Book One (Rolling Brook Series 1)


Gifts from a Stalker: Rolling Brook Book Two (Rolling Brook Series 2)

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