Defining Contemporary Romance

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What qualifies as a contemporary romance?

Contemporary romance is a genre that has been pivoted by many authors around the world. It is a romance story set in the modern-day world with relatable characters, settings, and problems. The genre has been enjoying a significant increase in popularity in recent years, thanks to the new wave of authors devoted to bringing fresh, exciting stories to readers. Here, we explore what qualifies a book as a contemporary romance.

Character-driven and relatable

A typical contemporary romance novel revolves around relatable characters with realistic faults, strengths, and struggles. The stories tend to feature an ordinary person falling in love with another person, navigating their emotions and relationships while balancing their daily lives. These characters are ordinary people with relatable everyday problems, making them appealing and easy to follow along with.

Modern setting and themes

Contemporary romance novels take place in the modern world, often dealing with modern-day issues such as social media, cell phones, and contemporary trends. These themes and settings help the audience relate to the story better. They also touch on modern and relevant topics such as body positivity, LGBTQIA+ relationships, mental health, and societal pressures. Through these themes, contemporary romance novels can provide the reader with an intimate window into modern-day relationships.

Emotionally-driven plot

Contemporary romance stories often rely on the characters’ emotions, conflicts, and journeys to drive the plot forward. The story is told through the character’s eyes, giving readers an intimate view of their innermost thoughts and feelings, their doubts and fears, and the steps they take towards building and sustaining their relationships. These emotional journeys are often characterized by ups and downs, offering readers a chance to participate in the story’s emotional and relational journey.

A satisfying conclusion

Contemporary romance novels often have a happily-ever-after, providing readers with a sense of fulfillment and contentment towards the end. However, the journey towards that satisfying conclusion often includes challenges, obstacles, and complications. The characters may experience doubts, second thoughts, and external challenges that put their relationship to the test. This struggle makes the arrival at the happy ending all the more meaningful and fulfilling.

Focused on love and relationships

As the name suggests, contemporary romance novels are primarily focused on love and relationships. They depict the complexities, successes, and challenges faced by couples in the modern world. These novels explore how romantic love can make us feel and how relationships can affect our lives. Whether it’s through the humorous and endearing moments or the heartbreaking and bittersweet ones, contemporary romance stories bring the emotional rollercoaster of love to life for readers everywhere.

In conclusion, contemporary romance novels are a genre that has captured the hearts of millions of readers worldwide. They are relatable yet exciting stories that remind us that people experience the same challenges and emotions. They are set in the modern world, characterized by themes that are relevant, and populated by characters that feel as familiar as our friends and family. If you’re looking for a heart-warming read to sink your teeth into, pick up a contemporary romance novel. You won’t be disappointed!


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