Get Lost in Love: The Most Popular Romance Novels of the Year

Whether you're looking for a steamy beach read or a heartwarming love story, the most popular romance novels of the year have something for everyone. From bestselling authors to fresh new voices, these books will sweep you off your feet and leave you with all the feels.

Are you looking for a love story that will make you swoon and transport you to another world? Look no further than these popular romance novels that took the literary world by storm this past year. From steamy contemporary romances to historical dramas, these books will make you fall in love with love again.



“The Soulmate Equation” by Christina Lauren

Mathematician Jess Davis has always believed in science over romance until she’s introduced to a new dating app that matches people based on their DNA. When paired with the enigmatic Dr. River Pena, she falls in love despite her reservations. This witty and charming novel from the dynamic duo Christina Lauren explores the science of love and the unpredictability of the heart.



“People We Meet on Vacation” by Emily Henry

Best friends Poppy and Alex reunite every summer for a vacation until a falling out breaks their tradition. Two years later, Poppy convinces Alex to take one more trip together to try and mend their relationship. This heartwarming and nostalgic novel from Emily Henry takes readers through past vacations, missed opportunities, and the power of friendship.



“Act Your Age, Eve Brown” by Talia Hibbert

The third and final book in Talia Hibbert’s Brown sisters series follows the youngest sibling, Eve, as she tries to prove herself to her overbearing parents. When she takes a job as a bed and breakfast manager, she clashes with the uptight owner, Jacob, but eventually, the two develop a steamy romance. This witty and inclusive novel explores themes of self-discovery and learning to embrace one’s true self.



“The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” by V.E. Schwab

In 18th-century France, Addie LaRue makes a deal with a god for immortality, but the cost is that she will be forgotten by everyone she meets. For centuries, she wanders the world alone until she meets a man who remembers her. This epic and imaginative novel from V.E. Schwab explores the beauty and pain of eternal life and the power of human connection.

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