New Romance Releases on Kindle Unlimited – March 2023

If you're looking for your next great romance read, look no further than this guide to the best romance novels on Kindle Unlimited that you haven't read yet, featuring a selection of captivating love stories that have flown under the radar but deserve a spot on your reading list.

If you’re a fan of romance novels, you know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a new book or author you love. And with the rise of digital books and subscription services like Kindle Unlimited, it’s easier than ever to explore the world of romance and find your next favorite read. Here are our favorite new romance releases on Kindle Unlimited for March 2023.



“Things We Hide from the Light” (Knockemout Book 2) by Lucy Score

Nash Morgan, a recovering police chief, is struggling with panic attacks and nightmares after being shot. His new neighbor, Lina, is attracted to him and feels a strong physical connection, but she has secrets that could ruin everything. Despite her reluctance to settle down, Nash is determined to make her his. Set in Knockemout, Virginia, this novel explores their relationship and the danger they face as they confront their pasts.



“The Temporary Wife: Luca and Valentina’s Story” (The Windsors) by Catharina Maura

The Temporary Wife is a billionaire romance that’s filled with suspense. It centers on Luca Windsor and his secretary, Valentina. When she suddenly quits right after his family forces him into an unwanted engagement, he sets out to solve both problems at once by marrying Valentina instead. Even though they’re sharing a bed every night, their marriage is still a secret at work and they have one other simple rule: don’t fall in love. But as time goes on, the arrangement gets more complicated. Luca isn’t so sure it can all be as simple as they meant it to be, and he realizes he can never let her go.



“A Long Time Coming” by Meghan Quinn

Best friends heat up pages while battling a bride’s snarly mother-in-law in Meghan Quinn’s witty romantic comedy novel. As a man-in-waiting for the bride, the protagonist finds himself falling in love with his best friend and struggles to confess his feelings before it’s too late.



“Powerless: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance” by Elsie Silver

Childhood friends Jasper and the protagonist take an impromptu road trip to get away from their broken hearts. However, Jasper’s feelings for her change during the trip and he saves her from her disastrous wedding day. As they spend more time together, they realize their feelings for each other are not straightforward and must navigate the pain of Jasper’s past and the reality of the protagonist’s present. Jasper needs to prove he truly wants her after years of rejecting her.



“The Devine Doughnut Shop” by Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown’s novel centers around three women – Grace, Sarah, and Macy – who run the Devine Doughnut Shop, a family legacy in their Texas town. As they navigate personal struggles and dramas, charming developer Travis arrives with plans to buy the shop and expand it nationally, causing tension and uncertainty about the shop’s future. With determination, sass, and a promise of romance, the women work to preserve their family’s heritage and overcome their challenges.

These are just a few of the many amazing new romance novels available on Kindle Unlimited. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary, historical, or paranormal romance, there’s something for everyone. So why not take a chance on a new author or genre? You never know what kind of love story you might discover.

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