What Sets New Adult Romance Apart from Young Adult Romance?

New Adult Romance typically features protagonists who are between the ages of 18 and 30, whereas Young Adult Romance generally focuses on characters who are in their teenage years. Additionally, New Adult Romance often deals with more mature themes and explores issues related to adulthood, while Young Adult Romance tends to center around coming-of-age experiences.

When it comes to romance novels, there’s no denying that both New Adult and Young Adult categories have taken the literary world by storm. However, while they may fall under the same genre, there are key differences between the two. If you’re wondering what sets them apart, read on for a breakdown of the main differences between New Adult Romance and Young Adult Romance.

New Adult Romance

New Adult Romance, often abbreviated as NA, is a relatively new genre that has exploded in popularity in recent years. It typically features protagonists who are between the ages of 18 and 30, making it a natural follow-up to Young Adult novels, which feature teenage protagonists. Unlike Young Adult novels, however, New Adult fiction often deals with more mature themes and language, including sex and other adult situations.

Age Matters

The most obvious difference between New Adult and Young Adult Romance is the age of the main characters. In Young Adult novels, the protagonists are typically between the ages of 14 and 18, whereas New Adult novels feature characters who are 18 to 30 years old. This means that New Adult literature deals with more mature themes, emotions and conflicts than Young Adult novels, such as navigating post-secondary education, entering the workforce, and adjusting to adulthood.

Love and Sex

Another significant difference between these two genres is the portrayal of love and romantic relationships. While Young Adult novels tend to feature chaste romances and innocent love, New Adult novels are typically more sexually explicit. While this isn’t true for every book in the genre, it’s certainly more common for New Adult Romance to explore sexuality and physical intimacy than it is for Young Adult Romance. That being said, both genres focus heavily on relationships and the challenges of young love.

Tone and Language

New Adult Romance also has a more mature tone and uses language that may be considered adult. Characters in New Adult novels often use swear words and talk about adult subjects such as drinking, sex, and drugs, which is much rarer in Young Adult novels. This difference in tone reflects the different experiences and stages of life that the protagonists are going through.

Young Adult Romance

Young Adult Romance, or YA Romance for short, is the more widely known genre within the romance category, and a staple in bookshelves and libraries all over the world. It targets teenage readers and typically features protagonists who are between 14 and 18 years old. YA Romance is often more focused on first love and self-discovery, with themes that may resonate with adolescent experiences.

Coming of Age

Young Adult Romance is often focused on the coming of age experience, where the protagonist is entering young adulthood and facing new challenges, such as developing new friendships and relationships, navigating school and possibly beginning to explore their sexuality. These themes represent the growing pains and discoveries of adolescence and are relatable to young readers.

Exploration and Self-Discovery

YA Romance often explores themes of self-discovery, including emotional and personal growth. Unlike NA Romance, YA Romance typically doesn’t delve too deep into sex or other adult themes, but instead focuses on more innocent exploration such as first kisses, crushes, and simple romantic gestures.

Emotional Depth

While New Adult is often portrayed as more sexually explicit, and with a more mature tone, Young Adult Romance tackles emotions and conflicts that are just as complex and nuanced. In fact, Young Adult novels often place a greater emphasis on exploring the emotional world of characters, which may resonate with teenage readers.

In conclusion, while both New Adult Romance and Young Adult Romance falls under the same category, they are vastly different in tone, plot, and character development. Both categories target different readers, with NA Romance targeting readers who are looking for a more intense and emotionally mature story while YA Romance is geared towards readers who are coming of age and exploring their emotions and feelings towards love and relationships.

After all, whether it’s New Adult or Young Adult Romance, the most significant thing is finding books that resonate with your emotions and taking you on a journey through the eyes of various characters.


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